How InterFACE Talent Agency Can Help Create Models and SuperModels!

By Leor Golan | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Talent Agency*, New York City – Tuesday August 6, 2013

Supermodels have been around a lot longer than people tend to realize. But the term itself didn’t just pop up one day. It took decades of an evolving industry until it came to represent the “supermodels” we think of today.

Who Were Some of the Fashion Industry’s First Supermodels?

One of the first times it was mentioned was in 1942 when the Chicago Tribune printed an article titled “Super Models are Signed for Fashion Show”. This was the first time that the term really gained some exposure. But the models of the time were still no global moguls like today’s Tyra Banks.

Starting her career in 1936, Anita Colby was truly one of the first supermodels ever. Affectionately known to America as “The Face”, she was the highest paid model of her time, earning a whopping $50 an hour salary in the 1940’s (today that would be equivalent to approximately $10,000 an hour)! Another model by the name of Dorian Leigh Parker was also rising to make a big name for herself in the 1940‘s. In 1952, she modeled for a Revlon ad campaign known as Fire and Ice. Originally photographed with her hand covering her bosom, the revolutionary style never saw the light of day because it was seen as too risqué. Fire and Ice would later become known as Revlon’s most famous ad campaign to date. These are just some of the big models of half a century ago.

21st Century (Billionaire) Supermodels

Today, the modeling industry is trumped by giants like Gisele Bundchen whose fame dwarfs that of the older generations. According to Forbes magazine, Gisele is today’s highest paid supermodel and rakes in an astounding $45 Million a year. She is well on her way to becoming the first supermodel billionaire.

InterFACE Talent Agency Can Be Your First Step To SUPERModel Stardom

InterFACE Talent Agency can be your first step towards supermodel stardom by providing you the professional marketing materials you need.

So how did supermodels like Gisele get their start? The answer is simple: Exposure!!!

You’re only the hottest model on the runway if you get to walk that runway. And you don’t get to walk the runway if the top modeling agencies don’t know you exist. To get started, every model, especially aspiring models, need a lot of exposure. In the old days models would have to do dozens, or even hundreds of small low paying (if at all) gigs that took many months or even years in order to be seen by top modeling agencies. Today however the industry has changed. Companies like InterFACE have rewritten the rules by embracing the digital age. Today’s social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all thrive on the internet’s ability to connect billions of people around the globe. InterFACE Talent Agency uses the same principal with regards to models connecting with top modeling agencies. We get models the exposure that traditional modeling tactics could never do. This is why we are so critical for anyone looking to start a modeling career!

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